• Industrializing ecological maintenance
  • and making life full of vitality.
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President's Words

Zu Mingjun

Founder of Ecological Maintenance Technology

Lead Researcher of Biological Gas Wave Technology

President of the Board of Directors, Golden Days Group

Vice Chairman of China's “Fighting IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting” Strategic Innovation Alliance

Chairman of the CCPIT& CCOIC

To accumulate over time and release steadily; to inherit from the past and develop the future; to keep up with the times; to lead in trends. Today, the company is in the final phases of the industrialization of ecological maintenance due to its leading, unique patented technologies and innovative business model. Ecological maintenance will be a trend for healthy living and a new blue ocean market due to the strong need for health-maintenance. Golden Days looks to become a bright pearl in world business with its excellent foresight for future trends and strategic mindset. The company will bring vigor to people's lives, as well as happiness and wellbeing to families. Golden Days will give everything to realize the Chinese Dream and bring prosperity to China, promote traditional Chinese medicine industry into the global market, and put national brands into popularity.