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Golden Days Group organized its International Business Department, and established its Russian Branch in March 2017. This marked the beginning of global planning and strategic development for Golden Days's ecological maintenance industry. In 2017, the group will further expand the market for ecological maintenance in Europe, North America, Africa, and Southeast Asia beyond its current international market basis. It will break through trade barriers, push forward the Belt and Road Initiative and its development strategies, spread the health-maintenance culture of traditional Chinese medicine, use standardized three-dimensional franchise mode of business, and achieve uninterrupted, globalized trade. The group will bring about policies that encourage market development. Not only “going out”, but also “inviting in” human resources, technologies, currencies, and capital. It will integrate national strategic policies into the day-to-day work of the group’s development to lead the way for one health industries, and to achieve mutual development and mutual benefit.

For the future, Golden Days will continue to promote to more places around the world its patented technologies of innovated traditional Chinese medicine for health-maintenance, with “ecological maintenance” as its core. Golden Days will let ecological maintenance bring benefit to all people, lead the way for one health industry's innovation and development, promote globalization of traditional Chinese medicine, stand tall in the world as a Chinese brand, work for the mission to “let known the traditional Chinese medicine in health-maintenance, let shine the brand name of China”, bring China closer to its revitalization, and make life full of vitality.