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Since the start of its 30-year plan in 1991, the company now includes, with 26 years of development, an international research and development center, four production bases, and one training base. These are Singapore International Research and Development Center, Yantai Ecological Maintenance Base, Gas Wave Industrial Base, Organic Skin-care Base, Jiangsu Ecological Maintenance Industrial Base, and Golden Days Ecological Maintenance College.

Three new bases are being constructed currently, the QOL16 Health Cloud Industrial Base, Ecological Harbor Stereoscopic Health-maintenance Industrial Base, and Health Wine Industrial Base. The QOL16 Health Cloud combines traditional Chinese Medical techniques for health-maintenance with modern technology, and takes its originally created “one test and six maintenance” source-based health-maintenance methods to provide high-end and comprehensive recuperation services for users internationally.

Ecological Recreation and Sports Park

Mid-range health-maintenance area (building B)

High-range health-maintenance area (building A)

Intelligent Life Monitoring Area

Yacht Club

Business Area

Common Aircraft Club

Golden Days Royal Gardens QOL Health Cloud Base

Aspect Ratio 1:25000

Bases awaiting construction: Ecological Fruits and Vegetables Nutrient Industrial Base, and Intelligent Ecological Nursing Home Industrial Base.

Various industrial bases will complete their upgrades by the end of 2017 to form the temporary Golden Days Intelligent Industrial Park. The gross production value of the company is expected to be over 100 billion RMB by 2020.

Intelligent Industrial Park Plan

Santaishan Dadao

Ecological maintenance industrial zone (16.5 acres)

Health wine industrial zone (33 acres)

Biological gas wave industrial zone (8 acres)

Organic skin-care industrial zone (8 acres)

Ecological fruits and vegetables nutrient industrial zone (33 acres)