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Social Responsibility

A sprouting project was started in September 2012 by Golden Days and Shandong Provincial Women’s Federation to donate and construct 100 activity centers for left-behind children.

January 2015, Golden Days donated 8 million RMB to establish the Shandong Police Force Occupation Health Foundation.

May 2015, Golden Days started up the A Million Warm Hearts for Every Single Child project to help support children in poverty.

June 2016, Golden Days applied for the establishment of a public welfare foundation to systematically and continuously fulfill a company’s social responsibilities.

October 2016, Golden Days published the plan for the Dream Sail Welfare Plan, which will involve donations and welfare activities for protecting children with disabilities or in poverty, the police force, and the reproductive health of men and women. To protect children with disabilities or in poverty, Golden Days has donated 1 million RMB to the Youth League Xiajin County Party Committee.

December 2016, Golden Days donated another 10 million RMB in addition to the 8 million in 2015 to build up an occupation health care system for police officers who were wounded, ill, or killed and with their families in financial distress.

March 2017, Golden Days Welfare Foundation was approved, and the company will continue to professionalize, systematize, and continuously promote its welfare operations to fulfill its social responsibilities.

May 2017, Golden Days donated 1 million RMB to establish the Xiajin Education Grant Fund.