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Fully Globalizing Ecological Health Maintenance: Golden Days Russian Branch in Full Operation

Golden Days since 2016 set a goal to globalize the ecological health maintenance industry as a response to the Belt and Road Initiative to “move beyond the borders”, embrace the opportunities in a globalizing economy, and expand its overseas market through its international affairs department. Through 6 months of preparation, Golden Days Russian Branch has entered a stage of complete operationalization.

(The office building of Golden Days is located in the center of Moscow)

Golden Days Russian Branch is located in downtown Moscow at the 6th floor of Gardenmir Center, 40 Gardenmir Prospekt Mira, Moscow, Russia 129090. The location provides convenient access to transportation in a well-developed region. The branch contains a smart-office area that combines the functions of reception, exhibition, training, and meetings in its 300 square meter+ space, ensuring the clients meet their needs in visiting, experience, inquiring, negotiating, and cooperating with Golden Days. This branch is also the reliable support for spreading and educating the locals on ecological health maintenance, and strengthening market structure development.

(Golden Days Russian Branch Reception Desk)

(Golden Days Business Unit Manager, Zuo Yuan (center); Russian Branch Head Representative, Wang Jinwei (left); Russian Branch General Manager, Liu Chaofeng (right))

(Russian store owner meeting with the branch general manager)

(Russian store owner)

Being each other’s closest and largest neighbours, China and Russia have strengthened their strategic trust and cooperation with support from the public and the society, and have established their exchanges in politics, economy, and cultures under the guidance of the two countries’ leaders. Motivated by the Belt and Road Initiative, Golden Days participated in international summits including the BRICS Summit and APEC Summit and continue its financial and business cooperation with Russia’s businesses and industries under a mutually trusted relationship. Golden Days has set up a favorable market structure in the Russian region; its concept of ecological health maintenance and related products were well-received since their entrance into the Russian market, and have gradually become a new, popular, and preferred method of health maintenance.

Golden Days will grasp the favorable opportunity provided by economic globalization and integration, as well as the operationalization of the Belt and Road Initiative, and use them as the force to strengthen its global market set up and continue to promote the new healthy-living methods under new technologies and ecological health maintenance concepts based on traditional Chinese medicine. Golden Days will improve the health conditions and life quality of people all over the world with its “Golden Vigor” by accelerating the globalization of its ecological health maintenance industry. Golden Day will allow ecological health maintenance to benefit all people around the world, and fill life with vigor.