• Industrializing ecological maintenance
  • and making life full of vitality.
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30-Year Development Plan

Phase 1: Initial Development (1991-2000)

Complete the original accumulation, exceed 100 million RMB in company assets, and continued to develop steadily. In 1997 the company achieved 220 million RMB in assets, and in 2000 the initial development phase was considered completed with success.

Phase 2: Consolidation (2001-2010)

Perfected the company's core technologies, established management mechanisms that fit global operations, and built an all-new business model for large-scale business development for the future market. With 10 years of research and development, the company now owns dozens of patented health-maintenance technologies such as ecological maintenance and biological gas wave. By 2007 the company already formed its unique intellectual properties and core competitiveness based on the industrialization structure. In 2008 the company founded the International Ecological Maintenance Research and Development Center and Golden Days Group Headquarters in Singapore, signifying the start of its international operations.

At the same time, its novel business model was maturing step-by-step. The consolidation phase concluded in perfection.

Phase 3: Development (2011-2020)

Golden Days has entered its full-speed dash for industrialization since 2011, confident that it will gain 10 million regular customers for its ecological maintenance products, reach 100 billion RMB annual turnover, and become a well-known company and international brand for industrializing ecological maintenance and bring livelihood to the people.